Friday, 19 March 2021

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: Playground Spiv Making A Mint Selling Sweets

I am also joining the Historical Fiction challenge, the Victorian Reading challenge (cross over with the Classics challenge); Read Scotland 2018 for the third year running and also joined the European reading challenge to get me into the spirit for our trip mid-year. See the above tabs for the Classics and Victorian Reading challenge lists. Whilst there may have been possibilities in some china shops of disposing of SECONDS, or even THIRDS the risk of dealing in LUMP is "too great to be incurred lightheartedly." Top-end, high-grade potbanks see to it that LUMP is sent to the shraff tip, "in spite of the fact that enquiries were freely received from the poorer districts or export for mixed grades of lump." Usually, about 100 years later, lump re-appears on TV shows as 'rare and valuable.' That’s irony! LUMP - Massively faulty pottery. However, some entrepreneurs in the industry were able to make money from selling cracked pottery - depending on how cracked it really was!

Also note this additional description of faulty pot: CRACK CRACKED and SOUND CRACKED Pottery which was found to be cracked after its glost firing was usually scrapped as useless. THIRDS - This signifies that the ware is well below the usual BEST standard, and not even good enough to fall within the description of SECONDS. This year is going to be busy as we have a lovely overseas trip planned for June/July of which the planning is keeping me well and truly occupied at the moment. One aspect of planning is the timetable. Perfect as travel-wear and regular use, jackets and t-shirts are e'er a required portion and to be bimanual one by the band itself is a quite an inducement. On offer are exquisite, native silver jewellery, gorgeous leather work, embroidered goods and antique crafts. European food halls are known for employing artisan food suppliers, restaurants, and boutiques instead of food chains. This is also the case when there are kids at the party. There have been claims, for instance, that brain training may improve intelligence (which remains an inchoate concept), or that brain training can rewire the prefrontal cortex or its connections - or both.

Barrel-aged beer is a prestige product that can burnish brewers’ reputations and bottom lines. Outside lavvy at the bottom of the yard. Badly twisted ware, crooked holloware, nipped ware and whirler plates fall into this category. In terms of making the cauliflower ware, Wheildon focused on experimenting with colors in lead glaze and shaping the unique boutique into fruits and vegetables, while Wedgwood worked on perfecting the color tone. Justin's beanie was Nike, while his sneakers were two-toned light grey and dark blue. When people think of Mikawachi and Hirado porcelain wares they generally think of blue and white (sometsuke), however that is not always the case. One characteristic of the Mikawachi red, white and blue style was a particular type of red scroll work around the blue and white cartouche, which usually was a mountain, water scene known as sansui, often with figures. 2017 was a busy year work wise but also for my little business - Miss Lily's Vintage wares. I seem to be a particulary bad blogger as I only did one post in 2017! So bad that it is worse than WORSER SECONDS. Then there was a DEGREE WORSER which was worse than WORST SECONDS. PITCHER Worse than lump.


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